Legal translations/commercial

Translation and post-editing services regarding texts in the legal field

Legal and contract translation aren't limited to the use of dictionaries but require careful analysis of the text. This processing therefore implies a comparative study of the different legal systems and the various law's nuances.


Completed Legal and commercial projects

• Several agreements (distribution agreement, agreement for after-sales services and for supply of spare parts, agency contract, provision of services agreement, commercial agency agreement, confidentiality agreement, synallagmatic agreement, etc.).
• Several statutes and several full extracts of the chamber of commerce register.
• Formation of a company.
• Several balance sheets and several financial statements.
• Notes to the accounts and Durc – certificate of the company’s compliance with the obligation to pay social security, welfare and insurance contribution.
• Several annual reports.
 Report of the Board of Statutory Auditors on budget.
• Several minutes of management board meetings.
• Process safety audit.
• Board of statutory auditors report on budget.
• Control system for financial reporting Management System Guideline.
• Occupational Health and Safety Operation Plan.
Environment, Health and Safety Plan
• Employment letters/contract amendments.
• Condition of sales.
• Description and certification of a high performance cement-based adhesive.
• Seller's Disclaimer.
• Ecologo certifications.
• Several general terms of business.
• Order and appeal.
• Articles of Mauritian Civil Code of law.
• Order suspension.
• Discharge.
• Several powers of attorney.
• Several letters.
• Birth certificate.
• Death certificate.
• Operating ratio.
• Several balance sheets and extract of the chamber of commerce register.
• Chamber of Commerce registration certificate.
• Statute and minutes of management board meetings.
• HSE Improvement Plan.
• Supplier communication.
• Several Codes of ethics.
• Declaration, witnessing of signatures and apostille.
• Several Palermo Juvenile Court’s decisions.
• Gene Juvenile Court’s final order.
European Convention on information on foreign law (London, 07 June 1968).
• Information request from the Italian Ministry of Justice.
• Request for international legal assistance.
• Court of Pesaro’s memorandum of understanding on extraordinary expenses to children’s maintenance.
• Central authority's letters.
• Letters of appointment.
• Professional assignment for legal assistance in Italy on behalf of the Ministry of Justice - Department of Juvenile Justice and Community
• Summons to attend a hearing at the Palermo Juvenile Court.
• Appeal relating to the issue of a declaration of enforceability of a decision given in the European judicial area In accordance with article 28 et seq. Of the Regulation (EC) No 4/2009 of 18 December 2008 on jurisdiction, applicable law, recognition and enforcement of decisions and cooperation in matters relating to maintenance obligations.
• Letter from the central authority on recovery of maintenance payments due from an obligor resident abroad in accordance with Council Regulation (EC) no 04/2009 of 18 December 2008.
• Letter from Italian Ministry of Justice, Department of Juvenile Justice and Community, central authorities for a a procedure for recognition and declaration of enforceability and the enforcement of a decision.
Letter from public prosecutor's office of canton of Ticino to First Instance's court of Brussels about mutual assistance in criminal matters
• Criminal records.
• Responsible who are on mission abroad’s rights.
• Other documents.
• Stratus Environmental Quality Label implementation process

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